Resistance diagnostics as a public health tool to combat antibiotic resistance: A model-based evaluation

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Competition in biofilms between cystic fibrosis isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is shaped by R-pyocins

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Mass spectrometry-based integration and expansion of the chemical diversity harbored within a marine sponge.

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Viral invasion fitness across a continuum from lysis to latency

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 Intergenerational effects of macroalgae on a reef coral: major declines in larval survival but subtle changes in   microbiomes​

 Deanna S. Beatty, Cody S. Clements, Frank J. Stewart, Mark E. Hay

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Defining the seafloor microbiome of the Gulf of Mexico and its response to oil perturbation

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     NV Patin, S Locklear, FJ Stewart, NB Lopanik

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     Streptococcus gordonii programs epithelial cells to resist ZEB2 induction by Porphyromonas gingivalis

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 Drivers of Spatial Structure in Social Microbial Communities


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  Analysis of Vibrio Cholerae genomes identifies new type VI secretion system gene cluster

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  Genome Biology 20 DOI: PDF






Decomposition of sediment-oil-agglomerates in a Gulf of Mexico sandy beach

Ioana Bociu,Boryoung Shin,Wm.Brian Wells, Joel E Kostka, Konstantinos T. Konstantinidis & Markus Huettel

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 Frank Rosenzweig

 Evidence for Biotic Perchlorate Reduction in Naturally Perchlorate-Rich Sediments of Pilot Valley Basin, Utah

Kennda L. Lynch, W. Andrew Jackson, Kevin Rey, John R. Spear, Frank Rosenzweig, and Junko Munakata-Marr

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