Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection

The Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection (CMDI) is an interdisciplinary collaboration at Georgia Tech seeking to understand the ecology, interactions and evolution of microbes. We are focused on the understanding microbe-microbe and microbe-host interactions that are relevant to human health, ecosystem dynamics and sustainability. Our research affiliates specialize in: Microbial Ecology, Sociomicrobiology, Infection Dynamics, Host-pathogen interactions, Marine Microbiology, Microbial Evolution, Spatial structure in microbiology, Cystic Fibrosis pathogens, and Viral Ecology.  

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Madeline Mei is a PhD student in the School of Biological Sciences. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Biology/Microbiology from Reinhardt University in 2016 and worked as a Chemical Technician for a materials testing firm before eventually joining Diggle Lab at Georgia Tech in 2017. Madeline has experience in a wide range of disciplines including cell biology, analytical chemistry, materials testing, environmental testing, and microbiology. As a part of the Diggle Lab, Madeline studies microbial interactions and the resulting impications for infection. ...More

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