Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection



The Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection (CMDI)  is an interdisciplinary research center founded in 2018 with the mission to transform the study and sustainable control of microbial dynamics in contexts of human and environmental health.  

CMDI brings together a community of over 80 trainees and research scientists from diverse specialisms including microbial ecology, microbiome dynamics, microbial bio-physics, socio-microbiology, infection dynamics, host-pathogen interactions, marine microbiology, microbial evolution, viral ecology, spatial imaging, and math/computational modeling.

For a brief overview of the Center, please see our flyer here.


  • Steve Diggle Named Director of the Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection at Georgia Tech

    The College of Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Diggle as the director of the Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection (CMDI). Diggle is a professor in the School of Biological Sciences and the principal investigator for the Diggle Lab.


  • What's on the Horizon for 2023?

    Members of the Tech community share their plans for the new year.

  • Researchers and Alumni Aid in $2.6 Million Effort to Restore Salt Marshes in Historic Charleston

    What started as a citizen science initiative led by a Georgia Tech alum has led to a $2.6 million National Fish and Wildlife Foundation effort to restore degraded salt marshes in historic Charleston. As part of the project, which is being spearheaded by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, School of Biological Sciences Professor and Associate Chair of Research Joel Kostka will lead a team of researchers to monitor restoration efforts — and to better understand why the marsh died off in the first place.

  • To the Moon, Back, and Beyond

    The Artemis I rocket launch is a major step in NASA's return to Earth's moon. Hear from seven Georgia Tech experts — including Thom Orlando, Feryal Özel, and Frances Rivera-Hernández — on why we're going and what we might find, the science and politics of space, and predictions on the broader future of space exploration.

  • New International Center Will Support Collaborative Solutions to Improve Health of World’s Oceans

    In a significant response to urgent climate-related threats, a new international center headquartered at Georgia Aquarium, endorsed by the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, will support versatile, collaborative solutions to improve the health of the world’s oceans. The Ocean Visions ­­– UN Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean-Climate Solutions (OV – UN DCC), a partnership with Ocean Visions, Georgia Aquarium, and Georgia Tech, is the only center of its kind in the United States.

Upcoming Seminars & Events

  • Mar 10-25

    The 2023 Atlanta Science Festival

    The Atlanta Science Festival is an annual celebration of the world-class learning and STEM career opportunities in metro Atlanta, featuring 100+ engaging events for curious kids and adults at venues all across the region.

  • Feb 9-10

    2023 Exploration and Origins Colloquium

    The ExplOrigins early career group invites you to join the 2023 Exploration and Origins Colloquium